This site does not exist because of a compulsion to be heard.  

The focus is on the Lord.  If a reader finds interesting or challenging content here, give the glory to Him: it's 100% due to the Holy Spirit.  Flipture is no arbiter of some hard to know truth.

That brings up some thoughts oriented toward "Social Media" and why no association exists between this site and FaceBook , Twitter, etc. ... who's the focus?

Mainly this site is a tool, it's a notepad.   It's a way of organizing a range of topics that pop up in study.   It's been shared to echo / record thoughts & dialogue encountered out there in life ...  Discussion is conducted offline and the "notes" are kept here.  Well, sort of.

"Flipture"  -- is meaningful.  Because life should be arranged to remain in contact with our Maker.  He constantly surprises and blesses.

Comments, suggestions ... feedback are all welcome, but are not being sought.  The site is most certainly not well edited; so please enjoy typos as you come across them (If you point them out, we'll fix 'em.) There is no financial need to fill: Flipture.org is not stumping for donations.

www.Flipture.org could disappear, or might grow ... Flipture will certainly change (possibly frequently) without warning.

If you stumble across this site, you're probably wasting way too much time on the internet.  Go to Church!