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The Three Living Trees

posted Jun 6, 2013, 1:33 PM by David Gerhart   [ updated Aug 2, 2013, 10:01 PM ]
Dream 5/28/2013

I saw three green living (eternal) plants each a different size. they were very plain, no flowers but very dark green with shiny leaves that covered their trunks – sharing a small, inexpensive, even disposable plastic pot. I think it was square. Maybe 4”X 4”. Like what you’d grab off the sidewalk at the grocery store in the summer. The soil they were in seemed light and airy, damp but not wet. It was explicit: three plants with separate stalks and leaves sharing the same soil in a pot with four sides. The pot seemed fragile, flexible at the touch, the black plastic kind. The pot and the plants didn’t weigh much. I held the pot balanced in the palm of my left hand and protected them from tipping with my right. From these plants came a thick spongy rubber-like product used to retread old shoes – and if used, the shoes would always be quiet, never slip, never wear out and always remain new. There was a link to the clothing one wore with the retreaded shoes – like the clothing came once the shoes were treated in that you didn’t wear the shoes and not the clothes – very nice, plain finished cottons (I think, or a linen?) but almost formal, pressed smooth black jacket, pants and white shirt, no neck ties, open collars – which I understood were symbolic of knowing – being able to discern between good and evil, right and wrong. The people wearing the garments would not have been out of place at a symphony hall. This is a small aspect, diminished in importance*: The same garments were worn by the poor and wealthy, those new to faith and those long established. They were almost indistinguishable – but the poor seemed less comfortable with their clothes, almost wary they might soil them. Reverential, protective. The wealthy seemed to carry the clothing more as if they were used to being well dressed, as if the expectation was there that they deserved their clothes. Whereas the poor had never touched anything so fine, seemed wide-eyed and astonished that someone would give such nice things away. The focus always came back to the eternity of the plants that were entrusted to my care, in an incomprehensible way – I can’t give those attributes adequate words. The smallest plant was hidden among the other two – a larger one up front and a middle sized one to right side. It was somehow given to me to assure that people could come and get the shoe product – there was never any question that the plants would not live on, nor that they would increase or diminish in size. I did not apply the plant extract to the shoes, my job was to hold and protect the plant (sort of) and yet be sure one at a time would be welcome to see and touch, receive from the plant. The place seemed crowded, but there wasn’t much attention given the plant, yet I knew people would come occasionally, sort of in a steady stream. No one was unwelcome, I had nothing to do with announcing that the plant was there, what it did or anything. I was only to hold it and assure it didn’t spill (all the time knowing that even if that happened the plants could not die.)

As much as the clothing was equivalent from person to person, no pair of shoes was the same - everyone had different shoes**.


Relative to the dream, I ended my day up in Lu 17:20. -- which discusses an internal manifestation of the kingdom of God. And then I went to sleep. I did not re-dream that dream at all. (What a relief!) But in sleepy prayerful dialogues with the Spirit all night I understood these things...

There are three main aspects to the dream.

  1. All of the stuff about the “Eternal” – Mainly the Gifts of rebirth and life, and of covering for entering the Kingdom of God. 
  2. All of the stuff about me – Boundaries between what I am and what I can do. 
  3. All of the stuff about the the Clothes – Though given initially with a covering of insignificance, becomes the main point of the dream! 
About the clothes – Those wealthy and poor, those new to Christ and those who’ve “worn the Faith” for decades all dressed alike with the knowledge of good and evil.  And then discernment of contrasting internal attitudes to which I can only blurt: Do we have great reverence and concern for the Temple of God? See Lu. 17:20.

Some of this seems to echo the Flip (see here) that includes discussion of the Little Book bitter in Johns stomach.  Resonating with “many are called, but few are chosen...” the assertions of Christ:  "The first will be last, the last first" (see Luke 13, Mat. 22, Lu 14.)  

One notes differences between those who have come to the party expecting rewards and those who arrive only out of willingness to serve.

One receives the impression that despite having the new shoes and nice clothes, and equivalent appearance – the wealthy and the great will be shocked by what the Lord has for those who come late, are poor and live with the humble gratitude and great thanksgiving of those who know from what they have been redeemed. Their reverence and worry over not spilling or staining the clothing is a picture of how they treat the “Temple of God” – bodies and minds – all of this is to show that few will really find God in their inner being and let his presence rule them in their life. Many come for the reward, counting the gain against the cost. Few come, only with a willingness to serve

Please carefully read Mathew chapter 20!   Those that came late?  Hungover, unworthy, dirty, unprepared? What wage could they expect?  Was it their willingness to serve, to give what they had -- labor for an hour -- that the Lord received as his preferred offering.

“My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.” Ps 51:17

The main point of this dream is the internal Temple of God. What is wrapped in likeness (Church Goers!), covered and shod with gifts of grace does not assure the quality of what is contained.

Lord increase our faith. Establish us in good soil, with like neighbors – and keep us from the deception of works and appearance, from the temptation to count the gain and avoid the cost – so that we will truly and daily manifest, in your time, the fruits you wish us to bear.


*Pay attention to that which we first judge unimportant … it may be the fulcrum of undersanding.

**Shoes – The place where everyone walking along the Way contacts the world.  The substance retreading the soles of the shoes cushions against sharp stones on our path, insulates us from the chill and heat. The retreading provides a firm grip, not slipping. Every walk, gait and foot is different requiring different shoes. No matter how far one progresses, there is no wear, the shoes are new every day.

7/31/2013 -- Have recently noted that in the book Pilgrims Progress (John Bunyan. 1690, written while in prision for preaching the Gospel in England)  -- at the Palace Beautiful early in the story -- Christian, as part of his armor, recieved shoes that would never wear out.