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Mouse in the Cookie Jar

posted Oct 15, 2012, 11:38 AM by David Gerhart
"Just because the mouse lives in the cookie jar, it does not make him a cookie." Papa Ten Boom.  Comment regarding a less-than-willing pastor on the question of hiding Jews during the Holocaust in Holland.  The movie "The Hiding Place" was sponsored by the Billy Graham Ministries in the early 1970's.

On the questions we face as believers, it is always a matter of personal revelation.  Doctrines are important.  A certain very few count as definitions of Faith and they come from scripture -- overtly.  

Allistair Begg says it thus: "The main things are the plain things, and the plain things the main things."

"God sent his only begotten Son ... " John 3:16.  The Apostle here records the words of Jesus regarding the requirements for eternal life.  This is an example of a doctrine all Christians accept.

Others, for instance on the "timing" of Jesus' second coming -- are less evident.  That he is coming is NOT in question.  That we should be surprised, is not in question.  But as to when, relative to other prophesies ... becomes an interpretive exercise. 

Interpretive efforts are all based on the wisdom of men.  Hermeneutics being the educational equivalent in Theology as Number Theory is to Mathematics.

Do we think God understands Mathematics like Men?   In fact His creation includes the very numbering structures we DERIVE our understanding from.   And so it is with Scripture.

Whilst a commonality of understanding is "church" goal, we should never abdicate our "Berean" responsibility to seek to see if what we hear from our leaders is true.  This applies most especially to spiritual matters, as it is critical to our salvation that we have a personal an private relationship with Jesus.

But this also applies to secular realms.  One aspect of Church intersection in the World is particularly unseemly and taken on behalf of politics.

We see in the picture of the "Mouse in the Cookie Jar" wisdom that says we should be careful that we aren't deceived by the robes our "betters" may be wearing.  Theirs is a particularly susceptible position because defending ones place against circumstances is an innate human trait.   

But God would have us disposes ourselves, even of Political aspiration, in favor of prayer and efforts in furtherance of His Kingdom -- which is to say restricting our worldly interest to the Great Commission.   And this command to ministry, first and most importantly -- includes our homes and schools and towns.   Where we witness, and minister and pray as opposed to protest, lobby and vote.